New Chapter Studio Tattoo and Piercing was founded in 2016 with the intention of becoming one of the very best tattoo shops in the state of Arizona. We fully understand that this is no easy task. There are a lot of tattoo shops in the state, so we have visualized a studio that will stand out above the rest and we believe that you will feel the same way when you visit us. At New Chapter Studio, we believe artistic skill, professional integrity, and customer service are very important things to consider when evaluating a tattoo shop. We offer all three of these things and more. We strive every day to not only set the standard but to raise the bar of excellence in tattooing and piercing.

The name New Chapter Studio is based on a daily fact of life; whatever your reason; whatever the special meaning is associated with your creation and wherever you want to place it on your body your vision had something to do with some meaningful event in your life; whatever that event may be it formed a lasting impression in your heart and soul. So it has created a NEW CHAPTER in your life!



Many tattoo shops have a bad reputation of being rude and abrasive, and we are out to change that perception. We pride ourselves for having friendly and outgoing artists that have chosen to work from our studio.


Because we understand how personal and meaningful a tattoo can be. We don’t cut corners because there is too much at stake. We are dedicated to setting the standard for professionalism in the tattoo industry and wish to consistently prove that; EVERYDAY.


Talented and knowledgeable, our artists take pride in the work they do to your body and they take personal pride in the message that you are displaying.


I'm Cassie Gill and I'm the Personal Assistant to our artists here at New Chapter Studio. I have 10+ years in and around the tattoo industry, including a year as an apprentice, and over two years as a tattoo artist. My passion for the tattoo industry has allowed me the opportunity to work as a tattoo model. I have been modeling for several years now with publications in "southern ink magazine" as well as "xpressions magazine" and I absolutely love it. 

I'm excited about this opportunity at New Chapter Studio because we are not your run of the mill Tattoo shop, and I want you to be excited too! 
I'm here to help you with your ideas as well as your dreams when it comes to your personal body art. 

Check out our talented artists, then call or come on down to schedule your next tattoo or piercing appointment today!



Developing a love for art in his early childhood, Justin began drawing and building things at an early age. This love grew into an amazing talent in not just drawing on art canvas, but onto the human canvas of tattooing.

Over the past 8 years, Justin has developed his talents, and fine-tuned his skills into many artistic styles of tattoos. Highly sought after for his "Black and Gray Portraits" as well as his  "Photorealistic" tattoos, Justin also does American Traditional, Neo Traditional, as well as studying and developing a Neo-Realism style of tattooing. Looking for a little whimsey in your life? Justin has shown an amazing ability to perfectly recreate your favorite animated characters that touched your life. From Disney to Muppets, Warner Bros to anime, he can make your childhood memories come back to life. 



Justin "JP" Powers has been a tattoo artist for 10 years and carries with him exceptional passion for his craft.  Justin is amazingly talented in several different styles of tattooing, especially his work with color pieces. Originally from Florida, he and his family have been in Arizona for several years. He joined the New Chapter Studio earlier this year and immediately impressed with his amazing creativity and artistic abilities. 


Chuck Toth is a former U.S. Marine, and has 18 years of tattooing experience in the industry. He started tattooing in 1999 with an apprenticeship under Monte and St. Marq of New Breed Tattoo & Body Piercing (also known as Skinquake) with 13 different locations. He has worked all over the U.S. with several well known artists.  His tattooing style is referred to as "Chuck of all Trades" as he is well versed in all genres of tattoo work.  Recently relocated to Arizona, Chuck is looking forward to setting down some roots here in the valley, focusing on both his creative talents and his family. In addition to tattooing, Chuck is very talented with different mediums such as airbrushing, custom murals, and paintings.